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Grundfos Pump UPS 26-150 F Cast Iron

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Grundfos Pump UPS 26-150 F Cast Iron

This pump is the Gundfos UPS26-150 F (95906630). It is made of cast iron, has flanged connections and operates on 115VAC, 60Hz.

Small Water Circulation Pump

Grundfos UP pumps are small circulators perfect for residential or light Commercial use. The UP can be applied to a variety of circulator needs including heating, cooling, and residential hot-water systems. These traditional circulators provide all the solutions in one package. Simply install your dedicated return line and let our Grundfos UP pump do the rest!
The UP is available in a variety of materials and performance capabilities to meet the needs of your application.


Pump Curve

Grundfos Pump UPS 26-150 F Curve

Features & Benefits

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