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Heat Pump Water Heater - CO2 Refrigerant


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SANCO2 Hot Water Heat pump


The SANCO2 Heat Pump Water Heater is a highly energy efficient alternative to traditional electric or gas water heaters. It absorbs heat from the outside air to heat water – saving energy, saving money and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It has been designed to meet the North American Market needs, it can works in Arizona desert as well as Canadian or Alaskan weather.

Minimal Environmental Impact:

SAN CO2 uses Carbon Dioxide as its refrigerant. Carbon dioxide is a unique refrigerant that does not contribute to global warming. The Global Warming Potential (GWP) of carbon dioxide is 1, compared to the GWP of the typically used HPWH’s refrigerants such as R134a – GWP of 1,430 and R410a – GWP of 2,086.

CO₂ is used as the benchmark to measure Global Warming, so these numbers translate that 1lb of CO₂ released into the atmosphere will contribute 1lb of Global Warming Potential, 1lb of R134a will contribute 1,430lbs of Global Warming Potential for 100 Years.

SANCO2 certifications

Energy Efficiency & Performance:

Outdoor Unit GS3-45HPA-US Performance:

Heat Pump  Performance with 43 Gal. Tank 83 Gal. Tank 119 Gal. Tank 
Uniform Energy Factor (UEF) 3.0 3.34 3.32
First Hour Rating (FHR) 74 Gallons 109 Gallons 158 Gallons


Outdoor Unit GS3-45HPA-US Specifications:

Leaving Water Temperature Set Point Range (°F ) 130 to 175 
Ambient Air Operating Temperature (°F ) -20 to 110
Heat Pump Capacity (Btu/hr) 15 400
Heat Pump Capacity (KW) 4.5
Heat Pump COP 5.2
Refrigerant type R744 (CO2)
Compressor type Inverter
Power Voltage 208-230V/1Ph/60Hz
Breaker Size (Amps) 15
MCA (Amps) 13
Outdoor Operating Noise Level (dB) 37
Weight (Lb) 106
Water Pipe Size (Tank to Heat Pump) ½''
Max Length between Tank and Heat Pump (including vertical distance) - Ft 50
Maximum Vertical Distance between Heat Pump and Tank (Ft) 16
Maximum Water Pressure (Psig) 95

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Tank Dimensions


 Schematic Diagram

As hot water is drawn from the top of the tank for showers etc., cold water enters the bottom of the tank from the city or well cold water supply feed. The incoming cold water and stored hot water do not fully mix inside the tank (unlike other water heaters), this helps maintain a higher average tank temperature and is called stratification.

As more hot water is drawn from the tank, the volume of cold water increases, however the tank still remains stratified. When the tank temperature sensor measures the water temperature below 113°F, the heat pump control will start the unit. The variable speed pump pulls the cold water into the heat pump, and using the heat from the ambient air the water is heated to the user selected water temperature set point and the returned to the top of the tank.

Heating continues until the water entering the heat pump heat exchanger is 122°F, at which point the heat pump will cycle off and the tank is now completely full of hot water. The SANCO2 unit will produce hot water at temperatures between 130°F and 176°F depending on set-point chosen. Therefore, it is mandatory to install the supplied Honeywell AM101 mixing valve and set the delivered water temperature to the home at the customer’s requirement.

Hot Water Recovery:

The SANCO₂ system capacity is rated at a minimum of 4.5Kw (15,400 Btu/h) at all ambient temperatures above 5°F. Below 5°F, total capacity is reduced, the amount of reduction will depend on the outdoor temperature (For locations where outdoor winter temperature can go below 5°F, we recommend installing a make-up heat between the SANCO2 tank outlet and the DHW mixing valve. Above 5°F, the Hot water recovery for a Sanden system is equivalent to any 4.5Kw electric water heater, however depending on user set-point selected and incoming water temperature this recovery rate can vary.

Heat Recovery Rates in Gallons per Hour (GPH)

Domestic Cold Water Inlet Temperature (°F on the right)

V/s Heat Pump Set Point Temperature (°F Below) 

40 45 50 55 60 65
130 20.5 21.7 23.1 24.6 26.4 28.4
140 18.5 19.5 20.5 21.7 23.1 24.6
150 16.8 17.6 18.5 19.5 20.5 21.7
160 15.4 16.1 16.8 17.6 18.5 19.5
165 14.8 15.4 16.1 16.8 17.6 18.5
175 13.7 14.2 14.8 15.4 16.1 16.8


Thermal Efficiency, Capacity Vs Ambient Temperature:



The SANCO2 warranty is 10 years on the Heat Pump refrigeration circuit, 10 years on all other parts, 15 years (prorated after 10 years) on the tank, and 3 years on labour costs when Heat Pump is purchased with its own tank.

There is no Warranty when Heat Pump is purchased separately and fitted to another tank (New or existing), or used for purposes other than domestic hot water heating (DHWH) or for space heating in excess of 8000 Btu/hr Heating Capacity.