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Hydronic Unit Heater HCH170 - 129MBH - 122°F Water Supply Temperature (Lead Time 6-8 Weeks)

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  • Specifications

    1. Units: Self-contained, factory assembled, pre-wired unit consisting of cabinet with air deflection louvers, supply fan, motor, and condenser.
    2. Coating: Electrostatically applied baked on Hammertone-Beige corrosion resistant, polyester powder coat paint that meets the following tests: 500 hours of salt spray as defined in ASTM B117, Adhesion/crosshatch tape tests as defined in ASTM D3359, Method B, Rating 5B and Will not crack or peel when test panel is bent around a 1/8 inch arbor.
    3. Condenser: Condenser coils are of the extended surface type of serpentine design, utilizing aluminum fins and DLP-type copper tubes. Tubes are mechanically bonded to the collars of the fins. The condensers are warranted for operation at steam or hot water pressures up to 150 pounds per square inch gauge and/or temperatures up to 375°F. All coils are leak tested at 165 to 200 psig, air under water. Fins are continuous across the width and depth of the condenser and are vertically oriented to minimize the collection of dirt and dust. Coils are of serpentine design with horizontal tubes, vertical fins and side supply and return. All tube bends are brazed. All tubes have individual expansion bends. Copper tubes are 1/2" O.D. with 0.016" wall thickness.
    4. Motor: Single motor with a supply voltage of 115/60/1 and horsepower of 1/25 as indicated on the equipment schedule and manufactured in accordance with NEMA standards for continuous fan duty type applications. Must be enclosed air over and single phase motors will have built in thermal overload protection. Will be mounted to the unit with rubber vibration absorbing material. The entire length of the line voltage motor leads will be shielded and terminate in a factory supplied junction box mounted on the unit or integral to the motor.
    5. Fan/Fan Guards: Fans AMCA rated direct drive, aluminum blade, steel hub propeller will be statically and dynamically balanced. Unit shall be equipped with a safety fan guard.
    6. Accessories: The following items are to be field installed in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions:  Room Thermostat: Single-stage, 16 amp @ 115V; 8 amp @ 230V. 40-90°F range.

    Operating Conditions at 122°F:

    1. Model Number: HCH 170SB01SA
    2. Btu/Hr Output :128,604
    3. Air Flow (CFM): 2,780
    4. Outlet Velocity (fpm): 475
    5. Entering Air Temp. (°F): 60
    6. Final Air Temp. (°F): 102
    7. Fluid Type (Steam or Hot Water): Hot Water Low Temp
    8. Entering Water Temp. (°F): 122
    9. Fluid: Water
    10. Water Flow Rate (GPM): 25.7
    11. Water Pressure Drop (Ft of Water): 16
    12. Water Temp Drop (°F): 10.0
    13. Supply Voltage: 115/60/1
    14. Motor Type Enclosed Air Over with Thermal Overload
    15. Motor HP: 1/3
    16. Motor RPM: 1,140
    17. Unit Amps: 4.2-4.6