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Nordic Indoor Pool Dehumidifier with Heat Recovery

$ 21,367.00 CAD

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  • Introduction

    Our pool conditioner (PC Series) heat pump is an indoor pool heat pump, which means it’s basically a high-efficiency heat recovery heat pump. This heat pump works as a swimming pool dehumidifier, through cooling and dehumidifying the pool area and then rejecting the heat back into the airstream, into the pool, or to an additional external outdoor condenser unit. if you need assistance sizing the Dehumidifier for your pool, please use our dehumidifier selection tool by filling this form or email us @


    Nordic® Indoor Pool Conditioner

    The PC Series heat pump is part of our indoor swimming pool dehumidifiers typically used in homes with large indoor swimming pools.  Usually, there is already a geothermal heat pump installed in the home, and the PC Series compliments this installation.

    Our pool conditioner is uniquely designed for an indoor pool environment and the indoor swimming pool dehumidifiers compliment any indoor pool setting . It has coated air coils and a titanium exchanger. An electrically commutated (ECM) fan with several speed options is also standard. The motor has a soft start function for improved efficiency and reduced wear. This heat pump uses R410a refrigerant, which is an environmentally friendly refrigerant. With advanced technology and reliable performance, our indoor pool dehumidifier is the ideal solution for maintaining optimal conditions in your indoor swimming pool.

    Quick Facts About Our Indoor Pool Conditioner

    Distribution Type Forced air, other
    Capabilities Dehumidification, pool water heating, air re-heating, cooling
    Loop Type Pool
    Size 3 Tons (PC-45-PG-1S-T), 4 Tons (PC-55-PG-1S-T), 5 Tons (PC-65-PG-1S-T), 6 Tons (PC-75-PG-1S-T) & 6.5 Tons (PC-80-PG-1S-T)
    Configuration Horizontal
    Certifications CSA

    Indoor Pool Conditioner Available Options and Features

    • Optional outdoor condenser available to enable air conditioning when the pool is up to temperature.
    • Single stage Copeland Ultratech® scroll compressor.
    • Hard start kit is standard on all units.
    • 5 to 20 kW electric duct heaters available as accessories.
    • Digital readout of refrigerant pressures and water temperatures.
    • Filter dryer and sight glass are standard on all units.
    • 2” PVC water lines for full pass-through of pool circulator water.
    • Air coils are coated for protection from the chlorinated air.
    • Air thermostat and wire included.
    If you're in need of indoor swimming pool dehumidifiers, an indoor pool dehumidifier, or a swimming pool dehumidifier, our PC Series heat pump can effectively meet your needs. Designed specifically for indoor pool environments, it provides dehumidification, pool water heating, air re-heating, and cooling capabilities. With coated air coils and a titanium exchanger, it ensures durability and efficiency. Additionally, you have the option to include an outdoor condenser for air conditioning purposes. The PC Series is available in various sizes and configurations to suit your requirements.

    When it comes to maintaining optimal conditions in your indoor swimming pool, investing in reliable indoor swimming pool dehumidifiers is essential. Our PC Series heat pump serves as an efficient indoor pool dehumidifier, effectively cooling and dehumidifying the pool area. By rejecting the heat back into the airstream, pool, or an external outdoor condenser unit, it keeps the pool environment comfortable and moisture-free. With its coated air coils, titanium exchanger, and environmentally friendly R410a refrigerant, our swimming pool dehumidifier ensures excellent performance and longevity. Choose from a range of sizes and configurations to find the perfect fit for your indoor pool.
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