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Infloor Heating Manifold Actuator - 24V - 4 Wires

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The 4-wire manifold valve actuator is used to open and close circuit valves on the 1 and 1 1/4 in. PRO-BALANCE manifolds. Use a 24V thermostats to control actuators directly, or connect through a Zone Control Board or Switching Relay Board.

Features and specifications:

– Gray position indicator provides visual verification of the actuator’s position. When the actuator is off and closed, the gray indicator is flush with the top of the actuator. When the actuator is on and open, the gray indicator will rise out of the top of the actuator and be visible from the side.
– Red pull-out tab is provided to allow easy installation onto the manifold. After installation, remove red tab.
– A dry-contact end switch is built into the actuator. This end switch can be used to operate 24 VAC (2 amps max.) relays for pumps and other devices and can be wired so that pumps turn on only when actuator is fully open.
– If required, connect the green end switch wires to a suitable 24 VAC-powered relay to activate a device to be operated by the actuator’s end switch or connect these wires directly into an appropriate zone control module.
– 24 VAC "thermal motor" heating element melts a wax cartridge, allowing the actuator to open when there is a call for heat (power on). When the power is off, the wax cools and closes the valve (normally closed). Operation takes 3-4 minutes.
– 4 wires: blue/brown – apply 24 VAC power; green (2) – end switch. Length – 40 in (100 cm).
– Ambient operating temperature range of 32 to 140°F (0 to 60°C).
– Low power draw: approximately 2 VA in operation. Maximum 4.5 VA when first powered. Ensure transformer has sufficient power (VA) to operate all actuators.