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Inline balancing flow meter - Caleffi NA223 Series - 1" BSPT Threaded

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Inline balancing flow meter - Caleffi NA223 Series - 1" BSPT Threaded


The NA223 is designed for direct inline balancing and control of flows to system circuits.Balancing valves offer a quick, easy and accurate method of adjusting the flow rates through solar and hydronic heating systems. Correct balancing of hydraulic circuits ensures optimum energy distribution, resulting in more efficient and economical  operation in accordance with energy savings guidelines.

With an inline balancing flow meter, any qualified installer can set the appropriate flow for the system without costly measuring devices. The flow measurement is based on the principle of a baffle float. The flowmeter is built into the housing. The balancing can be carried out with a screwdriver at the adjusting screw. The reading position is the bottom line of the baffle float. The valve can be installed in a horizontal, vertical or inclined position. Care should be taken in order to ensure that the arrow is pointing in the direction of the flow.

Technical specifications


Valve Body: brass
Sight glass: high-performance composite
Baffle float: high-performance composite
Spring: stainless steel
Seals: EPDM
Stem guide bearing: PTFE


Suitable Fluids: water, glycol solutions
Max. percentage of glycol: 50%
Max. working pressure: 150 psi (10 bar)
Working temperature range: 32 - 250°F (0–120°C)
Flow range: 2 - 8 gpm (8 -30 lpm)
Flow coefficient, fully open: Cv 5.8 (Kvs 5.0)
Measuring accuracy: ±10%
Connections: 1" union thread