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MDP3 Forced Air Zones Control Panel (Expandable) - Plug in Play 12VDC Dampers Ports

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    1. New Digi-Zone Panel will control 2 or 3 zones on any HVAC System, up to 3 Stages of heating / 2 stages of cooling. MDP3 Ver. 04 also controls heat pumps and dual fuel as well as many geothermal heat pumps. The digital display is a menu driven screen that guides the installer through the settings for each tpye of system as well as accurately sets the timings and sensor temperature settings. This panel is expandable up to 103 zones, the most in the industry.To add zones, use the MDPA2 Ver .04 = 2 zone per adder.
    2. The NEW MDP3 Ver. 4 controls only the New Plug-in Zone Motors that use modular cords, supplied with each damper. This panel is used exclusively with the ZDSP, ZDBP, OZD, RDP, RRP and RTP dampers. The MDP3 Ver. 4 panel is designed to use a minimum of wires to make zoning simple and affordable, no matter what type of HVAC system it is used to zone. Each zone can use a standard 4/5 wire (Y-G-R-W(-C) thermostat for any type of system as the additional controls for staging, etc. are in the MDP3 Ver. 4.
    3. Heat pump thermostats can also be used when controlling the second stage and emergency heat are desired from the thermostat. All terminal blocks are color coded for each wire and have push–in connections making wiring even simpler and no need for a small screwdriver, as with all other zoning panels. The state of the art surface mount technology for all electronic components makes for a highly reliable control panel.
    4. The MDP3 Ver. 4 is an all-in-one zone control panel that has following menu driven set-up features:
      1. System Type = Gas/Electric or Heat Pump • Heat Pump Type = Conventional or Fossil/Dual Fuel
      2. Outdoor Balance Point (OBP) Adjustable – 5°F -53°F • Thermostat Type – H/C or HP • HP Stat RV – O or B
      3. Number of Zones – Adjustable 2 to 103 • Fan On In Heat – On or Off
      4. Fan On In Purge – On or Off
      5. Emergency Heat – On or Off • Minimum Compressor On Timer – On (2 mins) or Off
      6. Staging – Adjustable Timer, # of zones calling or supply air temperature (stage optimization)
      7. Changeover Timer = Adjustable 10-30 Minutes
      8. Leaving Air Sensor – Capacity protection to shut off HVAC
      9. Centra-Zone™ - Zone 1 Master Changeover Disabled or Enabled • DS-BK = Switch to low speed based on percentage of zones calling.
      10. Test – Enabled or Disabled
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