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MDPA2 -Forced Air 2 Zones Expansion Module for MDP3 Panel - Plug in Play 12VDC Dampers Ports

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  • Introduction

    1. The Digi-Zone Adder (MDPA2) for Plug-In Dampers is a two (2) zone control panel that is only used to add one or two additional zones to the MDP3 Zone Panel. A total of fifty (50) MDPA panels may be added to an MDP3 Zone Panel to get up to one hundred and three (103) zones.
    2. When installing the MDPA2 panel it is important to pick a central location (typically in close proximity to the MDP3 control panel) where it is most convenient to bring all the wires. Most often this is at the furnace or air handler. It is often closest to power, the HVAC unit controls and the zone dampers when typically located at or near the plenum. However this panel can be located remotely from the main panel and only requires a CAT 5 cable (supplied with MDPA2) in order to place remotely.
    3. The MDPA2 panel case is made of sturdy ABS plastic and can be mounted to any flat surface. It is recommended that the panel be mounted to a wall or return plenum and NOT on the furnace or plenum where it will be in contact with the hot temperatures.. The panel can be located in an attic space or in an enclosed cabinet of a rooftop unit. Insure the panel is not in direct exposure to the elements.
    4. The cover easily removes from the case by pulling firmly and separating the cover from the case exposing the circuit board. There are 4 key-hole mounting points in each corner of the case.
    5. The case has openings in the rear of the case as well as the side for all wiring. Wiring can come from the back as well as the side in order to make a neat installation.
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