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Propylene Glycol - Solar Heat Transfer Fluid, 2.5 and 5 US Gal

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Polypropylene Glycol %

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Tyfocor L is made by Tyforop Chemie GmbH, in Hamburg Germany. Tyfocor L is used in solar thermal flat plate and vacuum tube collector applications as the heat transfer fluid. 

Concentration (% Volume)  Minimum Operating Temperature
30% -14 °C (-6.8 °F)
40% -21.5 °C (-6.7 °F)
50% -32.4 °C (-26.3 °F)
60% -48.4 °C (-55.1 °F)


- Tyfocor L is a practically odorless, hygroscopic liquid based on non-toxic propylene glycol

- The corrosion inhibitors in Tyfocor L reliably protect all the metal materials normally used in solar systems over the long term against corrosion, aging, and scaling

- Tyfocor L keeps heat transfer surfaces clean, ensuring consistently high system efficiency

- Tyfocor L is fully miscible with water and protects against freezing down to -48.4 °C (-58 °F) (depending on the concentration)

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