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Round Take-off Zone Dampers - RTS Model - 24VAC - 2 Wires

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  1. The RTS series are galvanized steel, single blade dampers compete with a 24 Volt spring return motor actuator. This Round Take-Off Damper combines both a take-off collar and motorized damper into one unit and is shipped complete and
    ready for installation. The RTS can be installed in any position on any properly sized duct. All RTS dampers are rated for duct systems less than 1.0” W.C.
  2. Dampers are available in 6”, 8”, 10”, 12”, 14” and 16” diameters. Dampers are ordered as RTSdd, using 2 digits for each dimension.
  3. All RTS dampers are typically shipped as Power Close dampers that are powered close and spring returned opened. The RTS is also unique in that it can be field converted from powered closed to powered open in less than a couple of minutes.
  4. A 24 Volt AC, 50/60 Hz, spring return damper motor, powers the RTS. The motor powers the damper closed and spring returns the damper open for fail-safe operation. Providing power to the damper drives the damper closed. Removing
    power from the motor allows the motor to spring back to the open position. The 24 Volt, hysteresis, synchronous motor has been tested to over 250,000 cycles to provide long life. Even replacing the motor is a simple less than one (1) minute change by loosening the setscrew holding the motor onto the damper.
  5. The RTS motor also has a simple adjustment for setting the damper to a minimum position. A minimum position allows for excess by-pass air. To set a minimum position, loosen the setscrew, align the setscrew to the minimum position label and re-tighten.
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