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RRM-Insertable Motorised Zone Damper - 24VAC - 3 Wires

$ 271.43 CAD

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  • Description
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  • Model: RRP (Plug-In-Play)

    1. The NEW Retro-Round™ Insertable Damper with the MDM Zone Damper Motor now simplifies those hard to zone retrofit installations. The RRM is a low cost single blade damper that inserts into any branch take-off duct.
    2. All RRM dampers are rated for duct systems less than 2.0” W.C. Dampers are ordered as RRMdd, using 2 digits for the dimension. The simple 3 wire motor has two light emitting diodes (LED’s) to indicate the damper position. The RED LED is lit when the damper is closed and the Green is lit when the damper is open.
    3. he MDM also has adjustable minimum position stop under the motor cover. This motor’s energy saving design uses end switches to break power to the motor once the motor reaches the end travel position. This lengthens the motor life and conserves energy. The MDM has been factory tested to over 250,000 cycles.
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