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SPRD– Static Pressure Regulating Mechanical Bypass Damper

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  • Introduction

    The Static Pressure Regulating Dampers, Model SPRD, are barometric relief dampers used to by-pass excess air pressure on zoned systems. The SPRDs automatically respond to the air pressure in duct as the various zone dampers open and close.
    As zone dampers close off air to a number of zones, the supply air pressure in the duct system will increase. This increase in air pressure can increase the noise level and reduce the flow of conditioned air through the HVAC Unit. Using the SPRD solves this by automatically compensating for the excess air pressure by opening on the increased pressure and relieving the excess air. The SPRD helps maintain a constant air pressure in the duct system. This reduces noise that is caused by high air pressures and velocities, as well as maintains a constant volume of air (CFM) through the duct system. Maintaining a constant volume of air through the HVAC System keeps the efficiency of the system at its maximum.
    The SPRD is available in square/rectangular and round sizes. The chart below lists the available sizes of SPRDs and their recommended CFM capacities

    Bypass Damper Size (diameter in Inch) Maximum Allowable Flow through Bypass (CFM)
    10 750
    12 1000
    14 1600
    16 2400
    18 3000
    20 3600
    12 x 8 800
    12 x 10 1000
    12 x 12 1400
    20 x 8 1600
    20 x 10 2000
    20 x 12 2400


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