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SR81 Differential Solar Controller

$ 162.00 CAD
Power Supply

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  • SR81 Differential Solar Controller

    The Basic differential Solar controller calculates the temperature difference between collector sensor T1 and tank sensor T2. If the difference is larger than or identical to the adjusted switch-on temperature difference, the solar circulation pump (R1) will be switched on and the tank will be loaded until the switch-off temperature difference or the maximum tank temperature is reached.

    SR81 Solar Controller

    Supply includes:

    • 1 * SR81 controller 
    • 1 * accessory bag 
    • 1 * user manual 
    • 1 * PT1000 Solar Collector Temperature sensor (φ6*50mm,cable length 1.5meter) 
    • 2 * NTC10K Tank Temperature sensor (φ6*50mm,cable length 3meter) 
    • 1 *10A power cable ( Note: controller for 3000W electrical heater has no power cable delivered, user should prepare a cable of 2.5mm2)

    Input ports

    • T1: PT1000 temperature sensor, for measuring the temperature of collector
    • T2 ~T5: NTC10K, B=3950 temperature sensor, for measuring temperature of tank and pipe.
    • FRT: For rotary vane type electronic flow meter

    1500W Output ports

    • Input Ports L, N: for power connection, L: live wire, N: zero wire, protective wire, with 10A power plug.
    • Output R1: Electromagnetic relays, Max. Current: 2A
    • Output R2: Electromagnetic relays, Max. Current: 2A
    • Output R3: Electromagnetic relays, Max. Current: 2A
    • Output HR: Electromagnetic relays, designed for on/off control of back-up heating device, Max. Current: 10A ( @AC230V, for 1500W electrical heater, @110VAC, for 750W electrical heater)
  • ManualManual 12VDC VERSION