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SR658 Differential Controller

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SR658 Differential Solar Controller

Solar Hot Water differential controller. it turns on circulating pump when collector temperature is above tank temperature by a differential temperature adjustable set point. Supply includes:

  • 1 * SR658 controller 
  • 1 * user manual 
  • 2 * screws and expansion 
  • 2 * P1000 temperature sensor (φ6*50mm,cable length 1.5meter) 
  • 4 *NTC10K temperature sensor (φ6*50mm,cable length 3meter)
  • 1 *clamp bag
Technical data
  1. Inputs: 2* PT1000 temperature sensors, 6* NTC10K B=3950 temperature sensors, 1* Grundfos Direct Sensor (VFS type) ,1* Rotary blade electronic flow meter(FRT)
  2. Output: 3* Electromagnetic relay, Max. current 1A, 3* Semiconductor repay, Max. current1A, 1* low voltagerelay(on/off signal), boiler on/off control, 3* PWM variable frequency output (switchable 0-10V)


SR658 Configurations

O&M Manual O&M Manual SR658