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TDPR-01 Dew Point Temperature Reset for Chilled Water Supply Temperature Set point

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  • Introduction & Specifications
  • Piping & Control Schematics
  • Technical Document
  • Introduction

    In hydronic radiant cooling applications, whether through Infloor loops or radiant wall/ceiling panels, maintaining cooled surface temperature above dew point temperature of ambient air, is primordial for preventing condensation of water vapor contained in the ambient air. Condensation can cause physical damages to the cooled surface as well as posing a safety risk for cooled floors with human traffic.

    TDPR-01 Controller measures both cooled surfaces temperatures (via multiple temperature sensors) as well as the dew point temperature of the ambient air and reset the supply temperature of the chilled water to maintain 5 degrees Fahrenheit (2.78 degrees Celsius) safety margin between cooled surface and ambient air dew point temperatures. TDPR-01 allows for measuring three different temperatures for three different surface having each a unique thermal resistance.


    TDPR-01 BACnet/Modbus programmable dew point temperature reset controller. There are five relays and two analog outputs as well as 8 universal inputs. These inputs and outputs are configured for measuring cooled floor/panel temperature as well as the dew point temperature of room ambient air. Supports BACnet MSTP and Modbus RTU for the RS485.

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  • Piping and Control Schematics


  • Technical Manual