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Tekmar 301P Single Zone Switching Relay with Heat Source Dry Contact

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  • Description
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  • Introduction

    The Switching Relay 301P operates a circulator to provide heating to a hydronic
    heating system when the connected thermostat calls for heat. The 301P includes
    optional exercising to prevent circulator seizure when not in use, and optional post purge operation to maximize energy savings. 

    Tekmar 301P
    When R-W ccontacts are jumpered, Pump P1 is supplied with 120/1/60 electrical power and Dry Contact X-X is closed (it authorizes the heat source to run). Heat Source can be a Boiler, Air to Water Heat Pump, Liquid to Water Heat Pump, Vacuum Tube Solar Collectors or Hybrid PVT Panels.

    Sequence of Operation

    DIP Switches

    Exercising DIP Switch

    • ON: Each circulator pump is energized for 30 seconds every 72 hours.
    • OFF: Circulator pump exercising disabled.

    Post Purge DIP Switch

    • ON: After the last thermostat stops calling for heat, the last circulator pump remains on for 2 minutes to purge heat from the boiler to the zone.
    • OFF: Post purge disabled.

    Zone Pump Operation

    When a thermostat calls for heat by closing the R and W terminals:

    • 115 V (ac) is applied to the corresponding circulator pump.
    • The corresponding zone indicator LED is turned on.
    When the thermostat stops calling for heat:
    • The pump is shut off immediately if the Post Purge DIP switch is off.
    • The pump operates for 2 minutes if the Post Purge DIP switch is on.

    Boiler Operation

    When a thermostat calls for heat by closing the R and W terminals: The boiler end switch XX is closed to fire the boiler.

    Indicator LED Operation


    • On when 115 V (ac) is applied.
    • Off when power disconnected or transformer fuse is blown.

    Zone 1

    • On when the thermostat calls for heat.
    • On during pump post purge after the thermostat stops calling for heat and the Post Purge DIP switch is on.
    • Off when thermostat 1 not calling for heat and post purge expired.