TEKMAR- Thermostat 519 - One Stage Heat

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TEKMAR- Floor Heating Thermostat 519 - One Stage Heat


The Radiant Thermostat 519 accurately controls the room and/or floor temperature for a hydronic heating zone using Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) technology. Simple up and down buttons and a display with large type make this thermostat easy to read and use. A Slab Sensor 079 is included to measure floor temperature to protect the floor from overheating and enhance comfort. This easy to install thermostat is a direct replacement for the tekmar Thermostat 509.

Schema TEKMAR 519


Specifications TEKMAR 519

Energy Saving Features

• Away Input
• Auto Heating Cycle

Additional Features

• Radiant Floor Heating
• Pulse Width Modulation
• Floor & Air Temperature Control
• Outdoor & Floor Temperature Display
• Backlight
• Freeze Protection
• Includes Slab Sensor 079

Sample Installation

TEKMAR 519 Installation TEKMAR 519 Wiring Diagram

Xianke Xkph58 - Srcc Certified Vacuum Tube Solar CollectorTEKMAR 519 Submittal

Xianke Xkph58 - Srcc Certified Vacuum Tube Solar CollectorTEKMAR 519 Installation Manual