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Thermolec Mini Electric Boiler - Single Phase

Capacity @ 240V

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Thermolec Mini Electric Boiler - 11KW


The Thermolec TMB electric boiler is a high quality yet affordable model. Without compromising quality, Thermolec has engineered the TMB boiler with quality components and state of the art technology. Designed for all types of hot water heating systems, including applications requiring  Low (100°F) and High (190°F) water temperatures. Ideal  as a Backup Heat for Solar Water Heating application and/or Air to Water Heat Pump application, for either single or
multiple zone applications, the TMB boiler outshines gas boilers in many applications by offering a lower total installed cost, more precise heating with low range BTU output capabilities and less maintenance.

Thermolec TMB Electric Boiler Standard Features

  1. Sturdy aluminum case
  2. Stainless steel tank
  3. Compact and light weight design
  4. Aquastat control: adjustable supply water temperature range up to 190°F
  5. Full modulation for precise btu demand output (SCR electric resistance)
  6. Thermostat or zone valve end switch connections
  7. Pump switching relay
  8. Load management control connections
  9. Outdoor reset control
  10. Built-in circuit breaker (optional)
  11. 30 psi pressure relief valve
  12. Temperature and pressure gauge
  13. CSA listed
Technical Documents

Technical Documents: