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3/4'' NPT Male Water Tank Safety Valve - Temperature/Pressure Relief Valve - Model CASH ACME NCLX-5 (CSA Certified)

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Cash Acme NCLX Combination Temperature and Pressure Relief Valves are designed for the protection of water heaters and storage tanks.
Cash Acme NCLX Valves are designed to meet ANSI Z21.22/CSA 4.4 and ASME Boiler Code Section IV in most configurations (see Certifications for details) and are ideal for all domestic water heater applications.
Cash Acme NCLX Valves are completely automatic and reseat after either temperature or pressure relief. They are offered in 1/2" and 3/4" sizes with male inlets and female outlets. The NCLX Valve incorporates an innovative “white coat” thermal element coating; an inert covering that provides effective isolation from mineral deposits (liming) and galvanic corrosion, offering many years of dependable safety protection.
The NCLX-5 model provides the standard length body and thermal element.

Specification Data


  • Available Set Pressures :150 psi standard.
  • Temperature Relief: 210°F standard.
  • Service: Hot Water.


  • Body: Bronze
  • Internal Parts: Brass and stainless steel
  • Seat Disc: Silicone
  • Pressure Spring: Stainless steel


Cash Acme NCLX Relief Valves are certified to ANSI Z21.22/CSA 4.4 and are capacity certified to ASME Boiler Code Section IV (see Rating Table in Technical Documents Tab).


Technical Documents:

pdf icon CASH ACME NCLX-5 Technical Data Sheet