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Water to Air Geothermal Heat pump - R Series - R45HACW - Two Stages - R410A

$ 10,268.00 CAD
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Air Return Orientation

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Nordic R Series Water to Air Heat Pumps - 3 Tons Nominal Capacity - Standard non coated Coil & Copper outdoor Loop heat Exchanger


The Nordic® Liquid-to-air heat pumps is a water to air heat pump that harvests their heat from deep below the ground, and distributes it throughout the house in the form of hot air. In the summer, these heat pumps reverse the process and cool your home.

This type of heat pump is commonly used in residential renovation projects when retrofitting from other air duct systems. The R Series is available in all configurations in sizes from 0.75 to 6.5 nominal tons.

Distribution Type Forced air
Capabilities Heating, cooling, domestic hot water
Loop Type Open or closed loop
Size 3 nominal tons
Configuration Vertical, horizontal, or split system
COP 3.7 - 4.9
Certifications ENERGY STAR, AHRI, CSA, CE

Features & Available Options

  • Energy Star rated
  • AHRI certified for performance
  • CSA certified for safety (CSA 22.2 No 236-05)
  • Satin galvanized steel cabinet
  • Powder coat finish
  • Acoustically insulated cabinet (1/2”)
  • All connections located on same side
  • Access panels for all four sides, serviceable from two sides
  • ECM fan motor with single side service access
  • Field configurable fan outlet position: top or side
  • Optional plenum heater can be internally mounted with top fan outlet configuration
  • Reversible air filter rack
  • Stainless steel condensate drip tray
  • Clear condensate drain with 3/4” PVC socket connection, internally trapped
  • Multi-circuit high efficiency air coil
  • Refrigeration service ports located inside unit (1/4” Schrader)
  • Insulated coaxial heat exchanger and piping, available in copper or cupro-nickel (CuNi)
  • 1” brass FPT fittings for loop connections
  • Provisions for powering pump module for ground loop applications
  • Two-stage scroll compressor with start capacitor kit on single phase models
  • Dual-grommet-mounted compressor for reduced noise and vibration
  • Suction line accumulator
  • Liquid line filter-dryer
  • Liquid line sight glass
  • Balanced port thermostatic expansion valve (TXV) with internal bleed
  • 4-way reversing valve
  • High and low pressure safety controls
  • Control board with random start, anti-short cycle timer, auto-retry and permanent lockout mode
  • Brownout and condensate overflow protection standard
  • Electrical box layout and schematic diagrams
  • Double wall Domestic Hot Water (DHW) desuperheater suitable for heating potable water
  • Brass head ECM circulator for domestic hot water circuit uses less than half the power of traditional circulating
  • pumps and allows motor replacement without tools
  • 1/2” brass FPT fittings for Domestic Hot Water connections

Technical Documents

PDF LogoR45HACW Technical Manual

PDF LogoO&M Manual

PDF LogoProduct Brochure