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Water to Water Geothermal Heat pump EMW Series- EMW65HACWP1TCC-Two Stages

$ 23,558.00 CAD
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  • Introduction
  • Quick Facts
  • Technical Documents
  • Nordic EMW Series Residential liquid-to-water heat pump- 4.25 Ton Nominal Capacity -


    This residential heat pump is one of our most innovative designs to date. It’s a full package liquid-to-water heat pump with everything you need for an in-floor heating system. This heat pump is suitable for either well water or a geothermal ground loop.

    Nordic® EMW Series

    In addition to the regular liquid-to-water heat pump, the Energy Module Series (EMW Series) contains the components for an in-floor heating system, here’s what you get when you buy an EMW Series heat pump:

    • Buffer tank
    • Backup heat
    • Indoor circulators
    • Control Electronics

    By including these components inside the heat pump cabinet, we save you hours of installation time spent plumbing and wiring. This heat pump also saves mechanical room space and standardizes your hydronic system installations for easier service and simplified job site documentation.

  • Quick Facts About Our All in One Liquid-to-Water Heat Pump

    Distribution Type Radiant in-floor heat
    Capabilities Heating, cooling, and domestic hot water
    Loop Type Open or closed loop
    Size 4.25 nominal tons
    Configuration Stand alone or with air handler
    COP 3.4

    Nordic® EMWT- HACW Series

    The EMWT-HACW Series is a dual tank energy module heat pump. This heat pump has everything you need for an in-floor system (just like the regular EMW Series) but this model has dedicated internal hot and cold tanks, as well as domestic hot water. The EMWT is considered a light commercial heat pump because it is selected for applications where both heating and cooling is required.

  • EMW Technical Manual