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WC-25 Liquid to Water High Temperature Heat Pump - 2 Tons - 160°F

$ 14,181.00 CAD
Power Supply

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  • Description
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  • Introduction

    Our cascading water to water heat pump uses standard geothermal ground loop to deliver water at temperatures as high as 160°F.

    This heat pump would be ideally suited for homes retrofitting from hot water boilers, with hot water baseboard or hot water radiators. This heat pump could also be used as a stand-alone system for heating domestic hot water.

    Features and Available Options

    • R410a circuit on the ground side and R134a circuit on the hot side for a wide temperature spread without stressing either circuit.
    • Two high-efficiency single-speed Copeland scroll compressors, each with double grommet isolation for low noise.
    • Single wall heat exchanger for space heating with optional double wall condenser available for dedicated hot water heating.
    • Electronic expansion valves for precise refrigerant control and maximum capacity.
    • Gen2 control board includes BACnet and USD laptop connectivity, data logging, built-in aquastat functionality, ‘outdoor reset’, and electronic readout of all water in/out temperatures and refrigerant pressures.
    • Filter-dryer and sight glass are standard on each refrigerant circuit.
    • Refrigerant receivers on each circuit to maximize condenser capacity.
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