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Vacuum Tube Solar Collector Kit, SRCC Certified, VT58 SERIES - Complete with Manifold, Frame, Tubes and 45⁰ Frame Kit

$ 971.00 CAD

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  • Description
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  • Why Solar Vacuum Tubes for Water Heating?

    Vacuum Tube Solar Collectors (also called Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors or solar evacuated tubes) are a renewable heat source for various hydronic heating applications such as space heating, domestic hot water heating, SPA/Pool Heating and Industrial Process Heating. They have been specially designed to perform in Canadian Winter and similar Nordic Climates (such as the northern part of the US). Solar vacuum tube collectors are the central part of any vacuum tube solar water heater system. They transfer thermal heat, into vacuum tube solar water heaters, which is absorbed by solar evacuated tubes, to a heat transfer fluid which directly or indirectly heats a thermal storage device. (For more details please go through our blogs: How do Vacuum Tubes Collectors works? or How do Solar Water Heating Works?)

    How much money do you save by producing thermal heat by Solar Vacuum Tube Collectors?

    Harvested solar energy from the sun is free, but converting that energy into useful and economical use is the most expensive part. Proper Planning and Design of any solar installation is the key for a successful solar project: Lowest possible cost, highest possible saving and fastest return on investment such as investing in a solar evacuated tube. Simulating Solar energy based on geography and demographic isn't a simple task. Our Technical Team has crafted a blog to make easier to estimate saving in most major Canadian cities using evacuated tubes: How much energy can your vacuum tube solar water heater generate?.  A much easier way to size and select your solar water heating system is to contact our technical team or simply filling this online FORM.

    What's included when purchasing these Evacuated tube solar collectors?

    • Solar Vacuum Tube Pipes.
    • Heat Transfer Fluid Collector.
    • 45 degree Flat Roof Mounting Aluminum Base.
    • All Assembling accessories such aluminum frame & pipe holder.
    • 5 Year Warranty


    Heat Pipes and Heat Transfer fins:

    1. Length (mm): 1800.
    2. Condenser Size (mm x mm): Ø14 x 64.5.
    3. Material: Oxygen free copper (Tu1) Cu+Ag > 99.99% (O2 < 16 ppm).
    4. Copper pipe dimensions: Ø14mm OD x 0.75mm Thick.
    5. Heat Transfer Fluid: Glycol, Water or a Mix of Both.
    6. Maximum Working Temperature °C (°F): 300 (572).
    7. Startup Temperature °C (°F) < 30 (86).
    8. Vacuum (Pa) < 5x10.
    9. Tilt Angle: 20-70° from horizontal surface.
    10. Horizontal Installation Angle : 0±5°.
    11. Heat Transfer Fin: 0.2 mm Thick Hot Dipped Aluminum.
    12. Minimum Operating Temperature °C (°F): -40 (-40).

    Frame ( for both flat and slope roof ):

    1. Material: Aluminum Alloy with powder painting (Grey Color).
    2. Thickness if frame (mm): 2.
    3. Installation Type: Tilted Roof or Flat Surface.


    1. Material: Aluminum Alloy with thickness of 1.5 mm.
    2. Insulation: Rockwool with thicknessof 45 mm; density=93%
    3. Diameter of inlet and Outlet (mm): 20 (inside) and 22 (outside);
    4. Copper Pipe Diameter (mm): 35.
    5. Copper Pipe Thickness (mm): 1.
  • External Dimensions

    Vacuum Tubes Dimensions

    N.B: The Back Leg base for flat roof mounting is included with the collectors' Weights:

    1. 15 Tubes Panel Kg (Lb): 44 (96.8)
    2. 20 Tubes Panel Kg (Lb): 71.4 (157.08)
    3. 25 Tubes Panel Kg (Lb): 79 (173.8)
    4. 30 Tubes Panel Kg (Lb): 85.8 (188.76)

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