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Swimming Pool Heat Exchanger

Swimming Pool Heat Exchangers (shell and Tube Type)


Our High Quality shell and tube heat exchangers for solar pool heating systems are the best investment when Solar Water Heating is available for space heating and/or domestic hot water heating. In Summer time, when space heating demand is non existent, most solar water heating system, generate heat that exceeds the indoor demand for domestic hot water heating. 

A Pool Heat Exchanger allows home owners to divert the excess heat from Solar Collectors to Pool or SPA or a combination of both, thus maximizing the efficiency and lowering the Pay Back period of your solar water heating investment.

Solar Pool Heating Schematic


Our swimming pool heat exchangers are designed by our special innovative tube designs, spiral twisted corrugation on the tubing surface, which were engineered to maximize the use of solar, Heat Pump or Boiler's energy; thus increasing the overall thermal efficiency of the system.

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