30T_2C_300L_PST_SSA Closed Loop Solar Water heater Kit with 2x30 Tubes Collector, 300L Storage Tank and selected options

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Pressurised closed loop solar water heater, including:

How much will i save by buying and installing this Kit?

Energy savings from a solar water heater depends on the location where the Solar Collectors are installed as well as the collectors' tilt angle and orientation toward the sun (plus many other technical and demographic parameters). Please write down the Possible Solar Panel Tilt Angle and Solar Azimuth (based on your roof configuration) locate your nearest Canadian City in our Solar Collectors Annual Heat Generation Sheet. The Corresponding Value is the Annual KWh your Kit will generate. Multiply this value by 2 (since this kit includes 2 solar collectors) by the utility rate applicable in your province to get your annual $$ saving.

What is this kit for?

Whether you're a Solar Water Heater Installer, a DIY addict or simply a regular home owner who's looking for independence from utility bills, this kit is all what you need for a free supply of hot water whether for domestic hot water heating, space heating, pool heating or all together.

A solar Pumping station is included in this kit which is a module containing Heat transfer fluid circulation pump, solar differential controller, check valve, safety valve, filling valve, Tank temperature sensors and collector temperature sensor:

This kit includes Flexible Stainless Steel Pipes: High quality flexible stainless Dual Twin (Supply & Return) steel pipe with Solar Collector temperature sensor's cable (Sensor is Excluded. The cable is only included), high temperature EPDM insulation pipe, up to 175C, strong seamless jacketing protection (Non PVC including) good UV resistance and anti-aging performance, excellent performance for both indoor and outdoor installations.

Solar Water Storage Tank is also include in this kit. Storage tank is primarily used for heat storage. During the sunny days, Heating Fluid (Usually Propylene Glycol) will heat stored water in the tank via the immersed coil, thus keeping the energy to be consumed at night when the sun is gone.

How does it work?

Pumping Station's closed loop circulating Pump is turned on by the electronic controller when the difference between outdoor solar collector's Temperature (as measured by the collector's temperature sensor) and Storage Tank Temperature (as measured by tank's temperature sensor) is above a certain set point value (Usually in the range of 10 to 20 Fahrenheit).

Circulating fluid inside the pressurized closed loop will collect heat harvested by the vacuum tube solar collector and exchange it with tank stored water via the immersed tank's coil. Circulating pump is turned off by the same Pumping Station's electronic controller when the same temperature difference (between collector and tank) falls below the preset set-point.

Two Panels Kit